维修工程师 Repair Operator / Engineer (Full time)



1.       独立完成相关医疗器械产品的组装

Assemble relevant medical device independently.

2.       能在国外技术团队指导下完成相关医疗器械产品的检测和修理

Repair and testing active medical device with instructions from foreign engineer.

3.       改善生产流程,提高生产效率,降低生产成本

Improve production processes, increase production efficiency, and reduce production costs

4.       根据需求对相关部门的员工提供技术培训和支持

Provide technical training and support to employees in relevant departments according to needs

5.       负责对新生产加工设备及相关设施等进行安装、调试工作。

Responsible for the installation and commissioning of new production and processing equipment and related facilities.



1.       大专及以上学历

College degree or equivalent or above

2.       至少3年以上维修生产技工经验,有源医疗器械工作经验优先

Over 3 years working experience in healthcare industry is a must, active medical device work experience will be a plus.

3.       熟悉医疗器械相关体系和法律法规优先

Familiar with medical device related systems and laws and regulation.


[Preferred Skills]

1.       相关行业背景工作经验及SAP操作经验优先

Relevant industry background, work experience, and SAP operation experience

2.       英语,韩语能熟练沟通者更佳

Communicators in English and Korean are preferred


If you are interested, please send your CV to MEDIT China HR: queenie.sun@medit.com